Blunt and combative, Mewtwo strikes me as a bit of a troubled youth.  He is very brash and argumentative at first, trusting no one around him and getting verbally aggressive when people try pushing him to doing what he doesn’t want to do.  However, once you have gained his trust, your relationship is very rewarding.  He is very skilled in meditation, and a wonderful anchor to an empath who isn’t entirely able to block out the world around them.  He loves to watch spellwork, no matter if he’ll admit it or not, and will always be interested in learning something new if you’re willing to teach him.

Mewtwo Gijinka Servitor

  • Mewtwo is a psychic type.  He is very set in his ways, and believes himself to be better than those around him for the amount of stuff he has gone through.  He uses his power to feel everything around him, making him very strong with telepathy and empathy.  He is a powerful anchor who will help you block everything out when you so desire.