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With a name that translates to “Of the Sands,” the Min Alramal are not man nor beast. They take on the forms of whatever they must to connect with humanity and get their intended message across. They bring many omens, the harbingers of wealth and misfortune, or even just of change that is neutral. They speak of great things, whether positive or negative, and devote their loyalty to their keeper with the intent of helping them along in their path.


While not wish-granters, they tend to draw fortune of different kinds. They also have an energy that, while it is hard to get a grasp on it, it is very noticeable. They can attract people to you, or help you slide under the radar depending on the situation. They have a very unique awareness of the people around them.


They are literally constructed of golden sand. When they are not in a chosen form, they tend to appear as a swirling column of sand. This is usually only visible to a human while they take a form after entering your presence, or when leaving your presence. From this form, they can take literally any shape, and if you aren’t listening to one, they will certainly take another. They can also use this to their benefit to protect their keeper or complete small tasks.

Min Alramal

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