TYPE: Spelled Servitor 
FUNCTION: Banishment, Protection 

NAME: Given by Keeper 
RACE: Minotaur Heartless 
BASIS: Kingdom Hearts 
ENERGY TYPE: Grey-Dark Cusp 

APPEARANCE: These large Heartless are slim, broad-shouldered beings with thick muscles through their chest, shoulders, and arms, leading into cloven hooves and a thick bulllike head. They are black in color with glowing golden eyes peeking from under wide-brimmed purple and black hats. They wear purple and black bracers and armor, the heartless symbol plastered across their chest. Their large horns are crystalline, slowly turning from purple to bright blue. They are rarely seen without a golden horn, on which they can rally a charge or play some music in more relaxed times. 

PERSONALITY: A tad brutish, they tend to be quick to temper. They don't get to a "seeing red" stage, though, and will calm quickly when the stimulus is gone. They tend to shut down when angry, unless they are against something that is harming their keeper. They are protective by nature, and you'll never want to be on the wrong end of their wicked horns. When they aren't busy being angry, they tend to be rather serene, enjoying a good dance and some good music when they have a chance to. They cannot speak, but they find a way to get the meaning across. 

ABILITIES: In addition to being incredibly intimidating when angry, they are very skilled protectors that aren't afraid to leap into the fray on your behalf. They are good at detecting tricksters, determining intentions, and routing the toxic influences from your life. They also have the ability to banish beings and energies that do not serve you, especially in the case that they are harmful to you.

SPELL: When activated, your Minotaur Heartless becomes a protective circle around a designated target. Whether it's to protect yourself or stop a being wreaking havoc on your keep, this circle allows nothing in or out. The circle is only available for limited lengths of time, as it uses a lot of energy from your servitor, but it will effectively make a spirit unable to lie to you in the case of a trickster, or make spirits unable to harm you should you have a problem with them. It is recommended to use this ability sparingly, as your servitor will take anywhere from a week to a month to recooperate from this ability depending on how much energy was expended to hold the circle. 

SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Action Movies, Pop Music, Video Games, Labradorite, Agate, Nature Walks, Meditation, Hot Sauce 

PREFERRED VESSEL: Labradorite, Moss Agate, Emerald, Moldavite

Minotaur Heartless