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Mist Adders are a very interesting type of spirit that hail from our own realm.  They tend to work as benevolent protectors, often manifesting as a blurring form at the edge of your vision that draws your attention somewhere.  They are very often found by drivers unknowingly, manifesting to wake a driver up or make them more alert to their surroundings by making them question if they saw movement.


In their true form, they are small snakes that seem to be entirely greyscale in color, but they often have patterns from other snakes in their blacks, whites, and greys.  They always seem to exude mist, though it gets thicker when they are using their abilities to help those that are unable to pick up on their energies to give them a better chance of actually seeing them.  They are often quite small, no longer than a single foot in length at any given time. They also all have glowing silver eyes.


They are sentry companions, those that will make it known when something is not right.  Their primary focus is helping humans stay safe when they can. They have an intuitive knowledge of those around them and will try to help you avoid unsafe situations by alerting you that there may be something sketchy up ahead so that you are aware of your surroundings.  They partner very well to protection groups within your keep, able to help them know when something is coming up that they also need to be aware of.

Mist Adder

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