Mogis is an immense being with very intense energy.  People don’t mess with him, and he hopes to help you personify that same aura that he has when necessary.  He is very intimidating to those that would oppose him, and simply oozes raw, primal power.

Mogis, God of Slaughter Servitor

  • He is very firm about offerings, as he sees them as a very important part of his being and his relationship with any mortal.  He will accept most offerings and isn’t picky, so long as the offering is made.  He really does help a keeper get into the practice of giving offerings to their spirit family.  In exchange, he offers his protection from invading forces, cloaking you in his aura and energy when you need to be left alone.  Like his brother, he can scale his size to be easier to interact with or exert his dominance over mankind as needed.

    He is the twin brother of Iroas, God of Victory.