Mogis’s Warhound is a prototype to a new type of servitor that I’ve been developing since I first started making servitors, where they act not only as a servitor, but also as a spell.  This particular one is an attacking spell for those that would come to you.  It’s a very good return-to-sender because it takes the energy of the spell they directed at you to empower it, then turns around and goes after whoever sent it in the first place.

Mogis's Warhound Spelled Servitor

  • Mogis’s Warhound is a strong, aggressive servitor who stands protectively over your home, family, and friends.  He is interwoven to you and considers anything important to you his ward.  He handles things a bit aggressively, going after attackers and using their own work against them.  He isn’t the friendliest servitor, but will most always keep you, your friends, and your family safe.  He is a great protector, and is very proactive.  House rules, however, must be programmed in, so I will need to know your house rules so that he cannot break them.