Blunt and confident, Moltres doesn’t usually search for the trouble they get into.  They are passionate, acting off of emotion and sometimes not thinking things all the way through.  They listen to their hearts and encourage you to do the same, finding your truest desires and - though it may sting - being brutally honest with how to get there.  Despite this, they are quite easy to get along with and bond to you easily.

Moltres Gijinka Servitor

  • Moltres is a fire type.  They are quick to act, and quick to temper.  They can be incited to anger very easily, and don’t always think when they get to that point.  They are strong, and look to protect you in the fastest way possible, sometimes dishing out the pain to help you get through it faster.  They throw you into the fire so that you might be reborn stronger when you get past the pain of the moment.