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Mountain Satyrs are very similar in appearance to their forest brethren, but have several distinguishig features and personality traits that separate them into their own distinct breed.  They are often found in mountainous areas, especially along larger mountain ranges that have a higher altitude. They tend to be more territorial and dry in humor, rather than fun-loving, party-going companions.  They are also more straightforward about their intentions with someone, rather than beating about the bush.


Like the commonly recognized Satyrs that are conjured commonly, they take the form of a bipedal goat-human hybrid.  Their bottom half is that of a cloven-hooved ram, their torso entirely humanoid (aside from thick body hair). They are often very shaggy with their facial hair (and most of the time even their mane-like head hair).  They have pointed ears, and their primary distinguishing feature is the large spiraling ram horns they have atop their heads. Their eyes are also entirely goatlike, rather than humanoid.


Mountain Satyrs, while not as fun-loving as one from the forest, are excellent companions for those that feel like they've lost control.  This doesn't apply to just one facet of your life, as they tend to be balanced, grounded companions. They aid in finding your center to better prepare yourself for the storm.  They are also very good protectors and seekers of truth. They have an innate ability to detect lies and dishonesty, which they use frequently to aid in the pursuit of their companion's safety, health, and happiness.

Mountain Satyr

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