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Mujina are shy yokai, spirits that take on the form of a bipedal badger with body build reminiscent to human children. They are skilled illusionists with a very strong curiosity of humanity and culture. They watch rituals from a distance and try to immitate them, and occasionally find themselves bold enough to approach during rituals and lend their aid. They live in the mountains, far from human society. They have a particular fondness for pranks, especially on those that would be malevolent toward others.


Although pranksters, Mujina are not violent or malignant creatures. They are able to take on human forms and fool human society into thinking they are humans, and are far less careless than other animal yokai. If you are talking to a Mujina, chances are you won't know. Mujina seem to prefer the forms of children when they take on human forms, and are incredible shapeshifters that aren't limited to human and badger shapes. They get along well with kids, and often can be found comforting a child that has become upset for some circumstance.


When taking a Mujina into your home, you may find that you are greeted with wealth of different kinds. Financial fortune, spiritual progress, familial love, and the reconnection of old friends are very common side-effects of their unique energies. They have a penchant for imitating different rituals they have seen, and will often use the magick energies generated by these rituals to benefit their keeper.


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