A harsh man with a largely practical intellect, he’s perhaps a little too good at discarding emotions.  He comes across as cruel, his tells few and far between.  However, he doesn’t understand emotional people very well compared to those who favor logic.  He has a brilliantly organized mind, filing trivia and random facts away for further review as he needs them.  He is a very dutiful man who devotes his life to protecting others where he has the opportunity to.  He is far deeper than he seems, and hides his emotions for the benefit of others.  He would much rather sink so long as others can swim, and he allows himself to be pushed around so long as others will be happy for it.  He has no motivation to be selfish or defend himself.

Mycroft Holmes Servitor

  • As a servitor, he is a loyal adviser.  He will weigh the options and give you the benefits and consequences of every choice so that you can make an informed decision.  He can be a bit condescending, but he truly believes that sometimes that is the best motivation.  He is happy to protect you where he has to, but is more adept at preemptive action - such as fortifying wards to make people regret targeting you or nullifying toxic relations - when it comes to your defense.  He may need a reminder now and again that everyone’s human and makes mistakes, but he’s a generally good man who sometimes goes a bit too far without realizing it (especially with his words).  He is a martyr, though, and will quickly throw himself under the bus if it will help others.