TYPE: Spelled Servitor

FUNCTION: Transition, New Pathways

NAME: N’Zoth (nuh-ZAH-th)

TITLE: God of the Deep

BASIS: World of Warcraft

ENERGY TYPE: Dark-Black Cusp

ELEMENT: Water, Darkness

APPEARANCE: Similar to a cross between a venus fly trap and a kraken, he is massive. He has large, spiked tentacles that intertwine without getting caught in each other. His massive head is covered in spines, a small split at the top reminiscent of a large, gaping mouth with teeth. Red eyes wrap around his head, giving him the ability to see anywhere around him at any given time. His more compact form for easier communication is a tall pink figure with tendrils for arms and cloven feet. Tendrils take the place of his face, making him look reminiscent of an elephant at first glance. He wears bronze armor around his waist, thighs, and tendrils with glowing blue markings.

PERSONALITY: He is very manipulative, quick to find a way to get what he wants out of any deal. He is elusive, and knows how to stay out of trouble. He doesn’t involve himself unless he reaps a benefit somewhere for doing it, and will stay away from drama and fighting that doesn’t include him if he can. He knows his limitations and will freely exercise the advice of picking his battles.

ABILITIES: His greatest attribute is his ability to apply energies to a new pathway to help ease you into the transition to that path. He enhances your abilities, letting you focus your energies where you need them and pointing you in the right direction to keep going. He is very good at energy work and discernment as well, and can aid you in figuring out what energies are attached to you and what energies are just lingering in your space.


SPELL: Upon activation, his energies will clear any lingering energies that have attached themselves to you to help rid you of past ties. They do not distinguish good and bad energies, and will remove all of them. He will require time to recharge after activation, and will deactivate after the cleansing is complete to reawaken later his normal self.

SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Ocean Jasper, Blue Agate, Ocean Water, Sand, Shells, Meat, Blood, Gold, Darkness

N'Zoth, God of the Deep