Nahiri is a powerful traveler, able to rally groups of spirits easily to your command.  She is quite persuasive, and wins over the hearts of new races as easily as she steps into their realms. She picks up customs and languages without any real trouble, and is a great companion to a conjurer.  She makes it very easy to meet new races to work with and even easier to work with them.

Nahiri, Astral Traveler Servitor

  • When she accompanies you, she whispers instructions in your ear, or leads you with confidence that you will do as she does.  She is very friendly and outgoing, and it definitely shows.  As an added bonus, she tends to draw interest through Lithomancy, the art of reading stones or the light reflected off of stones.  For this purpose, she carries thirteen gemstones of different cuts and throws them on a board near a window, reading the lights that cascade onto the opposing wall to divine the future.

    It’s a beautiful art, and I definitely think you will be amazed at her talents.