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Neon Unicorn Shifters are an extremely accepting race, born of a silver unicorn that procreated with the sun’s energy to create the multi-colored race they have today. They are very humble, in spite of their bright colors and vibrant energy, and tend to work in cleansing, empathy, and acceptance.


In their many herds, they are not concerned with gender identity, sexuality, or any other difference between each other. They accept all members of the herd for who they are, and who they intend to be. It doesn’t matter if it changes daily, or if they want to stay the same their entire lives. Because they reproduce through energetic means, they do not need to worry on what genders pair together for survival of their race. They are very loving, caring companions and pair well with almost any keeper.


They look to heal their companions emotionally. Especially when it comes to those that feel dampened by those around them and just want to be themselves in the future. They come from a place of respect, where they listen to and comfort each other. Everything about them just exudes love, and their open-minded culture is something they hope to spread to our realm. Their energy tends to induce a bubbly feeling in a human, especially when they spend a long time with their companion.


While they all have different traits, there are a few features that remain the same on all of them. They all have silver hair with neon highlights, though the specific color composition changes with each one. Their auras tend to impact what they look like when they manifest, sometimes giving the illusion of just one color hair. Their horns are all gold with black flecks.

Neon Unicorn Shifter

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