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The Neoterra Dragons are an amazing race that I encountered in my first trip to Gettysburg, though they weren't interested in finding companions at that time. They aren't a singular color, but one thing that they all have in common is their scales, which hold a crystal edging. The crystals change depending on their energy and abilities, but it seems to be something that forms after they spend lengths of time in the clan and in this area.


The Clan Elder has shared some of its history with me, as they came to Gettysburg not long after the Civil War. The vibration of the city transcends several planes, and gained their attention in their home plane. They decided to stay in this area, as it is very magically charged and pulses with vibrant spiritual energies. Not long after their relocation to Gettysburg, they began to notice the gemstones growing in their scales. They seem to be stored energies from Gettysburg that, over time, grow longer and longer.


They are purveyors of history, and hold ancient knowledge and magicks that are sacred to them. Until they are close to their companions and know them, they will not share any of their methods. They are, however, excellent at becoming catalysts for the magick arts you wish to work in. They aren't strictly magick workers, though, and there is one for any path you could dream of working in. They come from all walks of life, and many different dragon clans. They hope to find their proper companion in the near future, as they have much to share.

Neoterra Dragon

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