EXPERIENCE: Beginner Friendly


AGE: 17

GENDER: Androgynous (Male Pronouns)

ORIENTATION: Not Compatible

SONG RESONANCE: "All the Way (I Believe In Steve)" (JackSepticEye)

COMMUNICATION: Emotions, Pendulum, Dreams

Nettles, Green Nature Warden

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  • Nature Wardens are the English word for these spirits, Veori is what they are called in their language. Wardens are tall alienesque, beings. They are thin and have long limbs, pale skin, small mouths, skulls that are elongated and end in a point and large, dark eyes. These folks are very gentle and easy going.


    Some Nature Wardens are very quiet, others are extremely talkative, but they all speak in the same “broken words.” They use just enough words to get their meaning across, but rarely ever full sentences, like they’ve just learned the language. It’s actually quite endearing. They speak this way because in their language they have significantly less words than we do and they all have loose meanings, a lot of the way they communicate is through emotions. They don’t have words in their language like “the” or “and,” ect.


    Nature Wardens come in several different colors, and each color corresponds to their age, magick stage, and or roll in their community. Wardens are usually either protectors or healers and they take care of the fauna and flora as well as each other. The healer Wardens also correspond to the seasons.