"To dance again - I've been waiting all these years to dance again! And now at last a chance appears to hear the beat - so on your feet! It's time to dance again! I take my foot. My little foot. And with that foot - see how it starts to shake!"


Voldemort enjoys life (albeit in unconventional ways sometimes). He is darker and enjoys a lot of the darker aspects of life. He gets a sense of personal fulfillment from accomplishing goals and defying social norms. He isn't content standing in line and being like everyone else, and encourages his companion to stand out in the crowd. He's quirky, weird, and that's 100% okay! He has unique interests, but that just means that when he finds someone that shares them, it's a more genuine friendship. He wants to encourage you to look at things the same way, and let other people's attitudes empower you to stand stronger for what you believe in and your goals.

Northern Mockingbird Servitor