ALIGNMENT: Dark-Black Cusp
AGE: 26,396
GENDER: Female
SONG RESONANCE: "City of the Dead" (Eurielle)
COMMUNICATION: Dreams, Images, Telepathy, Pendulum, Bone Casts, Hemamancy


Nystaris comes across as very nihilistic and apathetic. She doesn't seem to acknowledge higher powers or emotion at most times, stoically completing her duties as a Graveyard Djinn. She is a psychopomp primarily, and while she is able to practice necromancy, she prefers not to awaken the dead that are resting. She seems to attract lost souls, helping them find the rest they are looking for. Her presence alone, while deadpan, seems to boost the manifestations of spirits nearby, which may aid in spirit communication.


She is a tall, slim companion, though it can be hard to tell under her clothing at times. She has an almost grey pallor to her complexion, at least what you can see of it. She keeps the side of her head shaved, her white hair pushed to the other side in a wild fashion. She has piercing blue eyes that seem to see right through you. She wears turtlenecks with the neck up over her mouth most of the time to cover black stitches that have sewn her mouth shut. Her fashion sense is often described as 'secret agent' due to the turtleneck and her preference for tight pants and boots, though she doesn't really keep secrets.

Nystaris, Female Graveyard Djinn

  • Graveyard Djinn are a very unique group of entities that are most often found in cemetaries. They find the souls that are having trouble resting and discover what binds them to this realm. They use subliminal messaging to transfer the tasks to the living so that spirits may rest peacefully. They have an easy time communicating with spirits, and often see the best and the worst in people to make an accurate judge of character. They are very firmly set in the past, and will often find the things that limit those around them and bring them to the forefront in a forced confrontation.

    Graveyard Djinn aid in shadow work, communication with astral beings, revenge, and any form of death magick. They draw the obstacles of the past that you haven't quite passed over to your attention. They encourage you to visit your past and finish tying up your loose ends. Regret is a powerful thing, and they will find every way possible to dismiss your regrets by pushing you back to where they were formed. They are potent in energy, and scale from grey to black arts. Over time, they seem to grow darker as they are exposed to more of the 'dark side' of human nature.


    The greatest aid that they provide isn't in wish-granting, though. They seem to "make things happen" through your own influences. They revive the hopes and dreams that you found lost in the past, the things that you gave up on long ago. Although it may not have been the right time then, they will show you that you ARE ready for it now, that you CAN do everything that you once aspired to do, and still have a true desire to complete.


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