The Nyxborn Wolf is a prototype to a new type of servitor that I’ve been developing since I first started making servitors, where they act not only as a servitor, but also as a spell.  This particular one is an alarm spell that keeps close tabs on your wards and defensive measures, also able to sense invading forces and focus their energy on the wards to bolster them where necessary until you can repair it.  Their activating as a ward isn’t good for them over extended periods, so it’s better if you fix the problem sooner rather than later.

Nyxborn Wolf Spelled Servitor

  • The Nyxborn Wolf is a gorgeous sentry, attaching to your wards and synchronizing with them.  They have a very distinct galaxy pattern that glows through their dark fur, and they are a great alarm system for when something attacks, breaks, or weakens a ward because they will light up completely and send as much energy as they can to that ward to hold it together until whatever is there is gone and the ward is replaced.  They are very sedentary in personality, and often seem quite lethargic.  The last thing you want is them to be active, though, because that does mean there is a problem somewhere, and it can often mean that something is about to happen around you.