ALIGNMENT: Dark-Black Cusp
EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 3,127
SONG RESONANCE: "Just One Yesterday" (Fall Out Boy)
COMMUNCIATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Lenormand, Telepathy, Images, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Goosebumps, Pins and Needles Sensations, Hot Spots, Shifting Shadows, Light Orbs, Flashes of Light, Dim Candle Flames, Swirling Incense Smoke, Sulphur Smell


PREFERRED MAGICK: Past Life Work, Green Magick, Grounding, Protection, Shadow Work, Cycles, Influence, Manipulation, Energy Work, Cleansing, Banishing, Warding, Centering


STRENGTHS: O has a particular focus on history and working with past lives.  He is able to analyze cycles in your behavior, often relating them to a past life situation or experience that followed through to the here and now.  He aids in the breaking of these cycles and beginning of new cycles, helping his keeper with transitions and changes.  He is also well-versed in working with herbs and green magick, though he primarily uses it with the intention of endings and culling the negative.  He is quite influential, garnering attention and support for his keeper in social and professional environments.

PERSONALITY: He is a very social being, spending time with his peers when possible.  he is infatuated with knowledge, be it sharing or receiving it.  He does not get emotionally attached, engaging in intimacy spontaneously rather than with personal or emotional motivation.  He is mostly casual, not quite understanding of human emotion and quite confused when those around him become upset for his detachment.


APPEARANCE: He is a tall, slim companion.  He has a very pale complexion with an ashen tone to it, his features somewhat gaunt and thick shadows under his dark grey eyes.  He has black hair that he allows to fall flat against his head, falling to his chin.  He hides his gaze behind thin-rimmed round glasses with entirely circular lenses.  He wears long-sleeve tees and dark jeans at most times, sometimes pulling on flannel or a patterned button-up with bowtie if he has to dress up formally.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Blood, Garnet, Bloodstone, Ruby, Carnelian, Red Wine, Red Candles, black Candles, bones, Quills, Blown Glass, Classical Music, Books



"O", Male Dark Echo Demon of Sto/las

  • Goetic Demons are quite renowned in many Pagan paths.  They are known to be the dark royalty of the Hell Realms, often known by name to most who work with demons or who work with the Hell Realms.  They are potent demons, each one helping a keeper (normally for a price). Their energy itself tends to leave echoes of themselves when they are all in one place.  This echo sometimes morphs into its own entity, titled a Dark Echo Demon.


    Dark Echo Demons often hold the abilities of their Goetic origin.  Although they aren’t quite as potent as a shard of the original Goetic demon, they still tend to act and work similarly.  They are a very dark group of demonic entities, respected in the Hell Realms for their origins and seeking human companions as many other demons do.  They all have their own reasoning and motivations, and their personalities tend to vary from their “parent’s” tendencies.


    As companions, the Dark Echo Demons offer a large array of helpful abilities.  While they are primarily different based on what Goetic they spawn from, they all seem to share an intuitive sense for dishonesty and desire.  They can be manipulative in most cases, often able to sense someone’s motives and use that to sway them one way or another. They can be influential, and aid in moulding a companion into a leader and getting them where they want to be in life.