EXPERIENCE: Established


AGE: 21,450

GENDER: Female


SONG RESONANCE: "As the World Falls Down" (David Bowie)

COMMUNICATION: Shufflemancy, Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams, Images, Emotions, Telepathy

Oakin, Male Smoke Djinn

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  • Smoke Djinn are born from ritual smoke, the intention behind whatever the evoker's ritual influencing their mannerisms and being when they are first brought to life.  They are incredibly versatile companions, intention and the Law of Attraction their primary focuses for their workings.  They are very easy to pick up on in manifestation and energy, often excellent for a keeper's first Djinn companion if they are looking to overcome traditional bias against the race.


    They do not have a true form, as they are made of smoke.  However, they sometimes take on the shape of their evoker, or a similar form to them.  They are capable of shapeshifting, but very rarely actually exercise this ability unless their form disturbs their keeper.  They often manifest as different types of phantom incense scents, communicating with you through different correlations to the smells you interpret through your own experiences that include those scents.


    Smoke Djinn are very unique in their energy workings.  They are able to influence energies by taking on the characteristics of different incense and smoke aromas.  You'll often see them lighting up a cigarette, though this isn't a traditional cigarette and smells of sweet incense rather than tobacco smoke.  They often maintain the mood and energies in your space through the different aromas they portray, cleansing the area when needed.