EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 802
SONG RESONANCE: "Firework" (Chase Holfelder)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Images, Emotions, Dreams, Shufflemancy


MANIFESTATIONS: Light Orbs, Flickering Lights, Flickering Flames, Swirling Incense Smoke, Cold Chills, Goosebumps, Pins and Needles Sensations, Cold Chills


PREFERRED MAGICK: Introspection, Shadow Work, Protection, Banishment, Cleansing, Energy Work, Catalyzing Cosmic Energies, Moon Magick, Ritual Magick, Self-Discovery, Empathy


STRENGTHS: Okslan is particularly fond of the moon.  He is not only able to take the energies of our moon, but the moons of other planets into account during planetary alignments and retrogrades to give unique nuances to moon rituals.  He is able to program crystals to reflect these energetic catalysts for later use.  He is an excellent companion as a ritual catalyst, especially if you work with the moon's ebb and flow.  He is capable of guiding a beginner in Shadow Work, but prefers to utilize his abilities in analyzing the cosmic timing for his companion's work to help them decide on the proper times to actually practice.


PERSONALITY: There is one resounding belief that he seems to center around; improvement will not come unless you put the work in yourself.  He doesn't do anything for his keeper, giving them the tools they need to do it themselves.  Nothing comes for free with him, and he will make you go through it yourself so that you are better for it.  He can be empowering this way, as whenever you succeed, he is there with positivity and praise.  But through the process, you may come to dislike him for his stubbornness.  He is friendly enough, enjoying deep philosophical conversation when he's relaxed with his keeper.

APPEARANCE: He is around an average human male's height, his build hard to see under his clothing choices.  He has sharp, angular features with a pale complexion.  His hair is silver in color, parted neatly just off-center and combed to the sides to keep his bangs out of his golden eyes.  He often wears glasses and seems to enjoy wearing a three piece suit with a trench coat over it at most times.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Minor-Key Music, Classical Music, Wine, Stargazing, Astrology, Telescopes, Blue Goldstone, Blue Fluorite, Blue Topaz


PREFERRED VESSEL: Blue Goldstone, Blue Fluorite

Okslan, Male Celestial Vampire

  • Celestial Vampires are beings that feed from the cosmic events occurring in the realm they are currently residing in. They are nomadic, often crossing to different realms every century or so. They spend much of their time learning how each realm's cosmic forces work, making them invaluable to a cosmic witch. They can connect with most cosmic forces very easily and aid in any nuanced workings with constellations, the moon, or planetary alignments.


    As a nomadic race, many of them have stories to tell of different realms they have lived in and practices that they've seen. They often hold incredible wisdom, their mannerisms vastly different depending on age and realms that they have seen. They lead solitary lives, though have enough of a connection with each other through the cosmic powers they feed from. They are not aggressive toward each other, though will generally bypass another Celestial Vampire that is already settled into a specific group of energies to feed from.


    As companions, Celestial Vampires are able to catalyze cosmic energies in multiple realms, frequently borrowing from another realm's cosmic events if you need a particular type of energy for a ritual or spell. They excel in spellwork and spelled jars, their ability to shape energies and intention very acute. They are also often skilled with charging and programming crystals with different intentions and energies.


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