EXPERIENCE: Beginner Friendly


AGE: 91


ORIENTATION: Not Compatible

SONG RESONANCE: "Witchcraft" (Frank Sinatra)

COMMUNICATION: Shufflemancy, Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams, Emotions

Olivandre, Male Fae Cat

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  • They are sweet, loving creatures that take a very parental role. They treat their keeper as they would their kitten, and are usually quite cuddly. They take the form of a pure black cat, but they have lightly glowing violet stripes like a tabby, and they seem to glow purple. They change their size as desired, becoming as large or as small as they need to for their purpose.


    They are very protective of their keeper, and do what they can to help further you in the world and your ambitions. They are dreamers and romantics, always seeing the brighter side of the world. They are very proactive in trying to help expand your third eye and help with your magical endeavors. They also like to show you a good time and help you loosen up, though they would never do anything or encourage you to do anything that pushes past your limits and puts you in danger.


    Their greatest skill is their ability to forge connections with others. They are very great with networking, romance, and even just creating circles of influence. They can help you reignite old flames or even cross old bridges that you thought you had burned. They are very supportive, and intend on making sure their keepers have all of the support they need.