Baby Owlcats are young predators, quickly trained in the art of hunting and flight. They are land and tree dwellers, and hold a close relationship to nature in its eternal glory and beauty. They love to be surrounded by other spirits and animals, and you can often find them playing with household pets or smaller animals out in nature. They treat hunting as a game, and don't hurt anything (they prefer pouncing and nipping lightly to prove they've won and play again).

Owlkitten Servitor

  • They bring a lighthearted joy and basic contentment into your life, the zest for life that you've lost as you've grown. They yearn to live happily, to enjoy everything and hold on to that innocence that they have eternally. They are social and friendly towards everyone and everything, and they can definitely draw some kind hearts near. They have strong instincts, though, and could very easily jeopardize your relationships with those that aren't pure of intention when it comes to you. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though, considering it's incredibly difficult to fool this servitor and get one over on them, in spite of their young, innocent mentality.