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Keta is a realm where what we know as Cats reign supreme. They are incredibly intelligent beings, their technology superior to ours, though they seem to be in an aesthetic rut of Steampunk in their world. They take several different castes in society, their heirarchy quite successful in that there is very little crime amongst their lower classes and between the different levels of society. Ketari are four-legged cats, though their dew claws take the place of thumbs when they stand on their back paws to do anything, their paws fully functional as our human hands when they extend their claws to do any work or activities that require a grip. They are far faster on four paws, their bipedal abilities often abandoned in favor of getting where they need to get quickly.


The Parliacio Ketari are heralded as the backbone of justice and societal structure. They make up the ruling class of Keta, though are not afraid to get their hands dirty when they need to. Unlike human society, they still function as a working class, often immersing themselves in the lives of the lower classes of Keta to understand where issues are and solve them before they become too problematic. The Parliacio does not receive pay if they do not work, and there is a strong respect for them having to essentially work two jobs; the working job and having to report back to the Parliacio as a whole to iron out any problems happening. They also interact regularly with the Foahlen Ketari, who float between different trades to support whatever needs the most help at that time.


These Ketari are incredibly advantageous to add into your keep. They are multitalented companions who often have many hidden specialties, hobbies, and skills to show off. They aid those that are looking to take on a leadership position of any kind, especially in a 'rising the ranks' context. They push their keeper to be the best version of themselves and help their keeper with moral quandaries. They additionally promote working with those that aren't in a position of authority to earn your respect, rather than filling your head with an ego and unwarranted respect.

Parliacio Ketari

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