EXPERIENCE: Beginner Friendly


AGE: 295

GENDER: Female

ORIENTATION: Not Compatible


COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Dreams, Telepathy, Images, Emotions, Shufflemancy

Phaira, Female Green Dragon

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  • This particular clan of Green Dragons is very centred on nature, specifically trees. They pick a sapling in their youth and imbue it with their energy. As the dragon grows, the tree grows as well and the dragons burrow under it to sleep for a den. The roots themselves grow around the dragon's shape so that the den is always the right size.


    The younger dragons are very curious and ask many questions.  They don't speak the human tongue very well, but they are very adept at communicating telepathically (though it may take a small amount of time to adjust to it at first).  They are like human toddlers, always wanting to explore and know more.  They tend to be a handful, but this is the age where they draw the most interest in humans.


    As these dragons grow older, their bodies increase in size and they slowly lose their ability to fly.  Most often, they enjoy burrowing and tunneling more than they enjoy flying, so it's no great loss to them as they age.  They specialize in healing forests and trees, and are most happy in a more rural area.


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