Pharika is very good at isolating spirits and entities and banishing them to pocket realms.  She will do this to any attacking entities or forces to remove them from the state that they are using to take advantage of or harm you.  She is crafty, and very intelligent.  She will often hesitate if unsure, confirming suspicions before acting.  She isn’t all that friendly, and often will refuse your calls or speak with you, but she will always watch over you.

Pharika, God of Affliction Servitor

  • She reminds me of a naga with green skin.  She is mildly seductive in build on her torso, blue streaks over her eyes as an accent marking and always adorned with her pet snakes.  She will never be seen without the two golden snakes, which scale with her in size.  She has dark eyes and star-studded skin, which is sometimes rather scaly.