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Platinum Djinn are potent companions, their energy alone quite compatible with our realm and often resulting in regular manifestations.  They are often able to manifest to even those that are struggling to communicate with their spirit companions, helping to build one's confidence in their metaphysical pursuits.  They hold themselves to a very strong moral stance, though the meaning of morals changes from Djinn to Djinn.


The Platinum Djinn manifest in an ethereal silver-white tone from their hair to their skin tone.  Their eyes seem to be made of molten platinum, ever-swirling and shifting to suit their moods. They are often more neutral in expression.  At times, they are confused for angels, as a lighter-aligned Platinum Djinn may choose to manifest their white wings to appear to humans in a form they recognize more.  Most Platinum Djinn won't manifest their wings openly, as it boosts their energies further and makes their presence more intense, sometimes overwhelming to a more sensitive keeper.


Accepting a Platinum Djinn into your keep will boost ascension in multiple ways.  In mind, body, and spirit, they can often help you see the closing gap to your end goals, your wants, and your needs.  They are skilled wish-granters, though will not always do exactly what you ask for. They promote shadow work and self-improvement, especially when it comes to identifying your priorities, needs, and true desires.  They encourage hard work and self-confidence. When it comes to being the best you that there is, these Djinn have a few aces in their hands to help you along the way.

Platinum Djinn

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