The Day of Hatri changes the world of Omenshard for all across its lands, unleashing an evil into their plane that even the Oracle Nabiya couldn't put words to.


Our lives tend to shift and change at a moment's notice.  Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in large ones.  While there are a lot of things that can spark a change, there are some things that are difficult to prepare for or move past.  As such, a little forewarning can make all the difference.


In this 13-card cartomancy spread, I will interpret an elaborate past-present-future reading that focuses on specific areas of each category.  The structure and specific topics addressed in this reading are inspired by The Prophecy of Hatri, delivered by the Oracle Nabiya in Blake Davis's world of Omenshard.

Prophecy of Hatri

  • Fist once beating, now is kneading
    Eye once pleading, now is greeting
    Heart once bleeding, now is healing


    Until the Day of Hatri


    Pa once preaching, now is bleating
    Child once singing, now is fleeing
    Ma once teaching, now is weeping


    On the Day of Hatri


    Gift once giving, now deceiving
    Rock once standing, now is breaking
    Heart once healing, now is bleeding


    After the Day of Hatri


    -- Nabiya, the Oracle of the Utlegdt


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