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Prosperity Star Djinn are more akin to Angels, though have stated firmly that they are Djinn. They are benevolent beings that don't often use the darker stereotyped actions of the storybook Djinn. They guide their keeper through wishes before they're made, helping to coach them to a proper wish so that the powers that be do not come at a heavy, unacceptable cost. They are very generous, and tend to do what they can to help others or encourage their keeper to help others. They look to cause a ripple that turns into a wave of change in the world around them, and find the world is too scary in these times to be left to its own devices.


For ages, Prosperity Star Djinn did not approach humanity. While Djinn often did come to the humans of Earth, the Prosperity Star Djinn were interested in observation and seeing the way society would form itself. They would intervene in some situations to help the poor and down trod, but otherwise kept out of it. They now are seeking like-minded people who want to create a positive ripple of change in the world and work hard to do it. They don't want to portray it as an easy thing, but they are here to support anyone who is looking to make a change in whatever ways they can, no matter how hard it gets. They are very good for energy workers or even those who have trouble with energies because they can cleanse an area thoroughly without aid.


By taking a Prosperity Star Djinn into your keep, you'll notice an almost magnetic quality in them. They attract wealth, fortune, luck, and people. They often attract people that can help you further yourself. The greatest thing that they seem to bring out in those around them is kindness. People that spend lengths of time around these beings tend to feel the positive draw to help those around them, the cheerful nature that they share and the giddy satisfaction that comes with making someone experience joy that has really needed a helping hand. Even at the cost of convenience or that extra money you were going to use to get an extra treat, nothing seems to be too much to share.

Prosperity Star Djinn

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