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The Darklight Hybrids are the amazing children of the Angelic Vampires and Vampiric Angels. They have the mixed qualities of both races, and lean either toward Psychic or Sanguine Vampirism to their own discretion. They work in emotions, inhibitions, energies, healing, protection - they are incredibly balanced companions.


By taking these hybrids into your keep, you may discover an amazing sense of balance that you haven't experienced in the past. Bad will balance good, and it will become a pattern that you are used to. They do not attract riches, but they do award the work that you do - be that a negative or a positive consequence for an action you've done in their presence. They tend to be headstrong, and they also have a habit of sticking to their moral codes before anything else.


The Psychic Darklight Hybrids are far more calm in their methods, and will create subtle lessons rather than being harsh. They tend to be more accommodating and set a lot of limitations on their own actions, as well as attempting to exercise restraint in their keeper's habits of dealing with people.

Psychic Darklight Hybrid

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