“I know a ranger that thought to make a cloak of its hide.  He ended up losing an eye for his trouble.”

The Quilled Wolf is a wonderfully fierce companion.  She protects her keeper like a mother would her young, taking everything into consideration and never backing down from anything that may hurt you.  She can be quite doting at times, and will often be found following you when possible to keep an eye on you and be sure you’re safe.

Quilled Wolf Servitor

  • This wolf’s fur is comprised of spines when agitated, so whenever she begins to bristle, it’s advised you don’t touch her.  She has been tasked with the defense of her keeper, and will do anything to keep you safe.  She isn’t extremely offensive, and won’t attack unless provoked.  She is looking for a keeper who needs the help and will keep her active and sharp more than anything else.