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These storm yokai come in various animal forms including some amalgamate shapes, but all the solid embodiment of lightning. They are the faithful companions of the Raijin and serve their needs. They are playful beings that follow lightning bolts down to Earth from their home in the heavens.


The Raijū claim the energies of the storms, and are most potent conjured during a storm. They have a very electric energy that constantly changes in its flow. They are easy to work with and communicate with. Many of them enjoy napping on their keeper's belly after they've expelled all of their energies.


Depending on the weather, they are incredibly energetic. They expel their energies in storms, often causing some bright flashes of lightning outside that seems extremely close to you. They can help you utilize the energies of the weather (especially storms) for whatever you practice, be it conjuring, spellcasting, or divination. They have a very strong presence and can help you to work with energies in the air around you.


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