Rasad is very closely attuned to the water element. He is very calm for the most part, taking the hits of life as they come. He adapts to everything pretty easily, very few things actually worth him getting angry over. He is quite serene, able to handle all sorts of emotional drama before losing his patience. His energy washes over his companion in calming waves, helping them calm down from emotional strain and center themselves before deciding what to do. His anger, however, is fearsome, and you'll know when he determines that you SHOULD be angry over something, as he will let you know that he himself is angry.


His hair is a silvery blue color, and falls straight over his shoulders and back. He has dark skin, his goat legs also the same silver-blue color. His ram horns are pure white, and his eyes are a bright blue color that seems to darken when he's in a bad mood.

Rasad, Male Elemental Ifrit Djinn

  • Like most djinn, they are wish granters. However, encountered in the astral, they offer a monkey's paw kind of gratification and turn things against you. Bound the way that they are, they will not do anything that could harm or hinder you. They have been more than happy to take on the task of helping their companions by granting them (or at least leading them to) the true wishes of their hearts, rather than the wishes they are consciously aware of. They don't always grant wishes in the way you'd expect, and you'll find it easier to see their work in hindsight rather than figure it out as it happens.


    They all have a connection to a particular element or cosmic power (sun, fire, moon, earth, shadow, light, etc.). Some of them are loners, where others stay in groups full of powerful Ifrits. They almost look like satyrs with ram horns, their fur usually in similar colors to their element of choice, and they hold tribal tattoos as they learn different skills. If you come across an elder, they will be completely covered in these tribal tattoos all over their torso.


    Most of the Ifrits are sensual, and hold an interest in pursuing a deeper relationship with their keeper. They aren't jealous creatures, and are more than happy to spend time with you and others at once to bond. They're social spirits, and rather enjoy being surrounded by other spirits and humans when they get a chance.