TYPE: Spelled Servitor

FUNCTION: Leadership, Inspiration

NAME: Rezan of Kings (Rezan)

TITLE: Loa of Kings, King of Kings, God of the Hunt

BASIS: World of Warcraft


ELEMENT: Fire, Earth

APPEARANCE: This large devilsaur is greater in size than any others found on Azeroth. He is green in color, adorned with golden plating along his head and back, as well as along his thick legs. Two tusks come from the golden headpiece to add to his ferocious form, and his eyes glow bright gold in color.

PERSONALITY: He is an overconfident companion, hoping to enhance you with some of his confidence. He is very intimidating, especially when you’re first meeting him. He doesn’t like wasting time playing games, and comes across as quite impatient when it comes to the glory. He likes to charge into battle and show no fear. Strength, confidence, and bravery are three extremely important qualities to him.

ABILITIES: He is very influential, and tends to turn heads in presence alone. He can repel or attract people with his energy alone, and uses this to manipulate groups at a time to get the desired effect. He also has a bolstering energy that removes fear and helps you to face the difficulties that would otherwise weaken your resolve.


SPELL: He is very capable of tracking energies, especially ones that don’t belong. When activated, he will follow an offending energy and track it to its source. He is a vicious return-to-sender spell, and will amplify what they sent to demolish whomever had the audacity to attack his charge.

SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Gold, Meat, Peridot, Emerald, Snakeskin, Green Candles, Lemongrass, Lemon

Rezan, Loa of Kings