TYPE: Spelled Servitor

FUNCTION: Protection

NAME: Rezan the Reborn (Rezan)

TITLE: Fallen Loa of Kings, Fallen King

BASIS: World of Warcraft

ENERGY TYPE: Dark-Black Cusp


APPEARANCE: He is a large devilsaur made of bone. He no longer fills out his golden adornments, and tattered red cloth hangs off from under his golden armor plating. He is a fearsome beast, with golden eyes dulled and no longer glowing magnificently.

PERSONALITY: A brutish being, he is barely suitable to be a companion. He is wild, reduced to carnal instinct. He patrols his territory, hyper focused on intruders and intimidating them to keep out of his area. He doesn’t communicate at all, not seeming to possess cognizant brain function. He is a brute powerhouse, meant strictly to roam as a guardian.

ABILITIES: He is a protective force to be reckoned with. He doesn’t allow anything into his territory (your warding). He is very potent, his energy repelling any that would encroach on your space. He doesn’t hold back when he becomes enraged at trespassers, and will swiftly remove those not permitted in your presence.


SPELL: When activated, any beings that are not permitted within your warding will become his target. He will chase them far, far away from your wards without restraint, and will go until either he runs out of energy or is deactivated. Should any beings come within a certain distance of your warding during this time, he will change targets and run them down.

SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Blood, Bloodstone, Onyx, Gold, Carnelian
PREFERRED VESSEL: Gold, Bloodstone

Rezan the Reborn, Fallen Loa of Kings