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Ritual Foxes are a fairly new race to human companionship as a whole. They have human and fox forms, depending on what is more important at the time. They do their best to blend into society in this realm, in spite of only being seen by those who work with the metaphysical.


Collectively, they love to learn and spend time in places of learning. They are very often seen catching a class or two at a university, or chilling with a book in a library in a private corner where they will go undisturbed. They are also able to apply knowledge into their practices, and you can also find them practicing new theories as well.


Each Ritual Fox is very unique in their skill sets. They all learn different things to add to what they already know. They are constantly sharing their knowledge too, and will share not only among their race, but with humans that care to listen as well. Knowledge is power, and they don’t mind sharing everything that they’ve discovered in the past.

Ritual Fox

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