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The Ritual of Three Kings popped up on Reddit as a game, allowing you to get insight from other sources to yourself, or some problems you have. It's very specific in how you have to complete the Ritual, and by adapting small details I have turned this process into a Shadow Working conjure, where the spirits that come forward, your Fool and Queen, will help you to see into yourself and address deep-rooted issues that are preventing you from progressing.


These spirits are geared specifically toward you facing challenges directly that you have otherwise had trouble with. Shadow Work is an intensive, dedicated process. It is important to consult with your shadow self, and these spirits will push that connection as far as possible. It can be a difficult process with incredible reward, but Shadow Work is never easy, and will force you to confront things about yourself that you may have never thought you would have to.


For this conjure, I will need the name you associate with most with your companions, as well as your birth date. Additionally, I need to know which sign you associate with most between your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign, as well as the element you associate with most. You may ask three questions that I will ask the spirits for you during the Ritual, and I will record the answers.


As an added note, I would like to mention that while you see these spirits as representatives of the Fool and the Queen, one of them will see you as the Fool, and the other will see you as the Queen. It is difficult to tell who sees you as who, and it may be something you contemplate and discover later on in your relationship with them.


** Please allow up to 90 days for order completion

Ritual of Three Kings Shadow Work Conjure