ALIGNMENT: Dark-Black Cusp
AGE: 1,503
SONG RESONANCE: "Every Breath You Take" (Chase Holfelder)
COMMUNICATION: Pendulum, Images, Telepathy, Tarot, Dreams


MANIFESTATIONS: Pins and Needles Sensations, Ringing in Ears, Goosebumps, Cold Chills, Shivers Down Spine, Flickering Shadows, Flickering Lights, Swirling Incense Smoke, Extinguishing Candle Flames


PREFERRED MAGICK: Protection, Shadow Work, Wish-Granting, Bringing Desires to Light, Self-Discovery, Introspection, Revenge, Dream Work, Manipulation, Indulgence, Meditation, Inhibitions, Fortune, Impulse


STRENGTHS: He is a very intense companion when it comes to tasking him.  While he is very accomplished with guiding a Shadow Work session, he is also very grueling to do a session with.  He pulls no punches, throwing everything at you at once.  There's something to be said for his immersive methods, as they garner great lengths of growth.  However, if you are not used to Shadow Work, they can also be incredibly difficult to get past.  He is also a vivid protector, especially when it comes to retaliation.  While someone may have gotten a hit in to his keeper, he will strike back with such vehemence that they will never target you again.  He has a way of drawing out the best and the worst in a person, especially when it comes to teaching you who your true self is, or holding up a mirror to an enemy.

PERSONALITY: Rokhas is very difficult to read.  He doesn't express himself often, usually tugging his mouth into different expressions with his fingers if he feels particularly strongly about something.  He does not naturally smile or frown, and has mentioned that he has never had the ability to do so without using his hands.  He is quirky, though, and you'll often find his interest is captivated by odd things you wouldn't pay attention to in your daily life.  He has an incredible eye for aesthetics, seeing things so vastly differently from how humanity sees things and finding perfect ways to capture his vision.  He is a bit possessive, but that more applies to offerings given to him directly.  If it was meant for him, it is meant to be his in total.  If it was meant to be shared, then he will not try to claim it entirely as his.


APPEARANCE: In his natural form, his human torso is long and lanky, his skin incredibly pale with surprisingly cold tone to his complexion.  He has black hair that fades to an ashen grey at the ends, his eyes also pure inky black.  His hair often frames his face, stopping just past his earlobes.  His serpentine lower half is inky black with ashen streaks along the top, his underbelly a pale gold color.  In a fully humanoid form, his scales travel up his back and circle his neck and cheeks.  In a fully serpentine form, he retains his inky black eyes, a small fan on the top of his head making him stand out from other natural serpents.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Dragonfruit, Pomegranate, Pumpkin Seeds, Meat, Frankincense, Dragonsblood Incense, Bloodstone, Obsidian, Hematite



Rokhas, Male Shaitan Tharwa Naga

  • The Tharwa Naga are very unique hybrids of Djinn and Naga, often possessing the best of both parents in their abilities. They have very magnetic energies, not only for fortune, but also for people. Anyone who is a leader or networks in their daily life would do well to take in one of these companions. Their abilities tend to shift based on their Djinn parent, giving them all a broad spectrum of capabilities to work with.

    As with their Naga parents, they are able to take on fully humanoid or fully serpentine forms, though there seem to be identifying features in either form to help them stand out from their Earthen counterparts. They tend to spend most of their time in their in-between forms, but some will shift frequently to a serpent form for ease of travel or a human form for bonding activities if they deem it easier or more comfortable to do so.

    Tharwa Naga as companions are incredibly varied, their mannerisms and abilities mostly dependent on half of their bloodline. Regardless, every Tharwa Naga is able to judge people to their core and use this to be a protector at times. They can sense trouble before it starts, helping their keeper avoid it proactively rather than trying to stop something before it's too late. They seem to have a type of foresight to events yet to unfold, and while this can be helpful, it gives them an opening for some rather snarky commentary if you don't listen to their advice.


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