D20 dice are a staple in most tabletop gaming systems. They decide the fate of their weilder - victory or death - in most scenarios, a 1-in-20 chance determining their outcome. Stories are written (not necessarily according to plan) in the misadventures a die can send you on.


Dedicating five D20s to the primary elements, I will roll them to assess your elemental alignment in a situation. The elements hold sway over many aspects in our lives, and utilizing their more subtle meanings, I can interpret how you are reacting to (or participating in) a situation, or how a situation is affecting you.


When you order this reading, you're welcome to have a 'general' reading, or suggesting a topic that you want to know how you're affected by it. If I'm not given a topic, I will automatically complete a general reading in its stead.

Roll a Reality Check