EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 538
SONG RESONANCE: "Never Ever Getting Rid of Me" (Waitress)
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Images, Emotions, Shufflemancy, Telepathy


MANIFESTATIONS: Hot Spots, Warm Touches, Pins and Needles Sensations, Humming, Shifting Shadows, Flickering Flames, Jasmine Scent


PREFERRED MAGICK: Bringing Desires to the Surface, Networking, Communication, Reading People, Manipulation, Protection, Energy Work, Empathy


STRENGTHS: This Incubus is incredibly adept at assessing compatibility in a wide array of relationships.  Whether referring to a friend or a lover, he can likely tell you how well it would work out.  His ability to read the people around him often translates into an intuitive knowledge of how to approach someone to open a line of dialogue as well.  He has an incredible way of understanding people and what desires motivate them.  He can use these to his advantage, though isn't fond of using them for malicious outcomes.  He prefers to connect people who can bring out the best in each other.  His magnetic energies tend to bring people into your life that can help you grow in some way.

PERSONALITY: He is a friendly, social companion.  He greatly enjoys learning about different types of relationships.  While he doesn't engage in going any further than a platonic relationship, he does enjoy learning about the goings-on in all other dynamics of relationships.  He likes seeing people smile and find happiness.  So long as he's able to put a smile on someone's face, he considers it a good day.  He has a very broad sense of humor, taking his time learning what can make you laugh and brighten your spirits on a rough day.


APPEARANCE: He is around the average height of the human male, compact musculature apparent under his pale ivory skin.  He has ash-brown hair that's kept just short enough that it doesn't reach his amber eyes, no matter how messy it gets.  He has tattoos all along his arms, similar to bands and barcodes, as well as a few ring tattoos on his fingers.  He often wears a button-up shirt and dark jeans, sometimes accessorizing with a tie if he feels like it.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Showtunes, Relationship Shows, Romance Novels, Romantic Comedies, Puns, Carnelian, Garnet, Obsidian, Musicals


PREFERRED VESSEL: Carnelian, Bloodstone

Roni, Male Incubus

  • Incubi and Succubi are two popular and well-known demonic entities in the astral plane. They are notorious for their work with sex magicks and lust, though their abilities delve far deeper than what most people associate with them on the surface. Incubi are the male counterpart to Succubi, their abilities more 'masculine' in quality and nature. They focus on the external, namely influence over others.

    The Incubi that I work with do not have set appearances, their energies and appearances shifting to fall in line with their companion's personal preferences. While some of their appearance will stay set, most of their features change fluidly depending on daily or permanent preference. They generally stay svelte in build, not often using more bulk or becoming scrawny, and their eyes usually stay between gold and red in color.

    These Incubi hold a particular fondness for external influence. They work with seduction and manipulation in some circumstances, but their preferred abilities surround motivation. Whether it's finding people with similar interests or attracting those that can help you get where you want to be and reach your goals, they have an innate ability to find the true motivations of a person. They also tend to be magnetic in energy, often drawing people - or repelling them if needed.


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