ALIGNMENT: Dark-Black Cusp
AGE: 3,194
COMMUNICATION: Tarot, Pendulum, Images, Telepathy, Dreams


Saelon is a very vague companion, one who abhors doing work without reward. He has described himself as "high maintenance" and is best for a keeper who enjoys a challenge. He is a practitioner of Voodoo, but would like me to make it known that he will not teach what he knows, even to those that are initiated. He works in the field of contracts, granting wishes and doing favors for a fee. He is a shrewd businessman, one who is careful and expects the same of his keeper. He isn't terribly patient, and will only correct a mistake so many times before he allows you to find the backlash as a lesson.


Saelon is a tall, svelte man with a lighter sepia complexion. He keeps his black hair mostly shaved, just the slightest stubble coloring the top of his head and hairline. He has intense golden eyes, only seeming to be made more so with his high cheekbones and strong features. He is fond of wearing suits, though you may occasionally find him wearing tunics and dress pants on an odd day. His Hound form is pure black, fur short and sleek to reveal a thin build. He looks very close to a golden-eyed black wolf in base features.

Saelon, Male Crossroads Hound

  • The Crossroads hold special meanings across cultures and local tales. They are a place of meeting, of magick and offerings. There is always some significance to a meet in pathways, and often symbolizes a choice in your journey. There is an unending sequence of doorways associated with the Crossroads.

    The Hounds watch over the Crossroads of our realm. They come from different cultures, some working with deities associated with the magicks of their Crossroads. They embody the choices and magickal opportunity within each Crossroads, presenting different pathways that you could decide upon for yourself.

    They are often associated with shadow work, as they are known to unlock hidden desires and potential. In the past, they were able to grant wonderful power in exchange for a great price, but these days aren’t so inclined. While many of them still enjoy a good gamble or Faustian Deal to pass the time, they have agreed not to offer such contracts to their keepers or anyone associated with their keeper.

    Crossroads Hounds are known to draw in fortune when you put forth effort, and tend to exercise their influence over others at their discretion. They have strong energies that often hold subtle nuances that can sway people to do their bidding, though have also agreed not to do anything harmful.