Give ‘em the old Razzle Dazzle
Show ‘em the first-rate sorcerer you are
Long as you keep ‘em way off balance
How can they spot you got no talents?
Razzle Dazzle ‘em and they’ll make you a star

Scarlet Tanager Songbird Servitor

  • Billy Flynn is a rather neutral character.  He can play the good guy or the bad guy, and is a wonderful actor.  He incites reactions to your favor, exaggerating things in the minds and emotions of others to get you where you need to be in life.  He’s a bit rough around the edges sometimes, and can be very blunt, but he is definitely a great companion to the keeper that’s climbing the ranks.

    Dubbed the ‘silver-tongued prince of the courtroom,’ Billy knows exactly what to say and when to say it.  Success is the best revenge to him, and he helps you restrain yourself when it comes to vengeance, because he helps you see that there’s more to life than petty little battles.  He is a material being, and a realist.  If a goal is not going to be met to your satisfaction, he’s very likely to tell you, then talk you through rearranging a timeline to get there.  Everything is possible, but perhaps not in the way you may have expected…