TYPE: Spelled Servitor
FUNCTION: Protector, Revenge


NAME: SCP-076 (Can Be Changed)
ENERGY TYPE: Dark-Black Cusp


APPEARANCE: In a dormant state, SCP-076 is a simple stone cube with black-specked metamorphic material. Unknown glyphs cover the exterior and interior, a door on one side with 21 locks arranged in a circular pattern the only thing out of place on its otherwise impeccable surface. When activated, SCP-079 emerges as a lean Arabic man. He has long black hair allowed to fall freely and ash grey eyes. He is covered entirely in occult tattoos on any visible skin.


PERSONALITY: Bonding with SCP-076 can only occur when the glyphs are unlit during activation. When SCP-076 emerges, he does not speak but will provide idle company and a listening ear. While he doesn’t express himself, he is definitely easy to talk to and will be a good friend, listening to your problems when you just need to yell about what’s going on.


ABILITIES: SCP-076 was designed to be a protector. It remains dormant until called upon. It automatically stores energies of unwanted attacks, the glyphs lighting up red to indicate that its next activation will follow that trail of energy. It can discard energies on command, and also supply its keepers with samples of said energies at their discretion.


SPELL: When activated with glowing glyphs, SCP-076 will emerge from the cube and follow the energy trails. It is an incredibly powerful return-to-sender spell, adding its own energy to what was sent against you. It will not stop until it has completed its work or is deactivated.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Meat, Home-Cooked Meals, Warding, Cleansing, Sage, Jasmine




  • Secure. Contain. Protect.


    The SCP Foundation has been devoted to protecting humanity by locking away (and occasionally eliminating) the anomalies of the world.  There are many horrors in their vaults, as well as many wonders that can aid in your day to day life, or even your practice.


    Each Servitor is created as close to the original profile as possible.  However, in a Keter or Euclid class SCP, safeguards are placed on their personality and powers to keep them in check so that they cannot be of harm.  Not all of them have a listed form, at which point I will take creative liberty on their appearance and manifestations.


    You have the option to give your SCP a name in most cases, should you so desire.  If you don't, they will simply be referred to as their corresponding number.

  • SAFE

    The most controlled SCPs, be they objects that hold a sentience that cooperates with the SCP Foundation, or even animate creatures that obey the Foundation's commands for self-preservation.  They are the easiest to work with, and by far the kindest.



    Absolutely unpredictable, the Euclid class doesn't communicate with humanity.  It's unsure how they will react to stimuli, and there are many safety features in place to handle them and keep them contained.



    The most dangerous of the three classes, the Keter class refers to the active SCPs that can and will be a threat to humanity if released.  They are potent and are often the subject of trials to destroy them.