TYPE: Spelled Servitor
FUNCTION: Energetic Catalyst, Generator, Cosmic Energy Storing, Energetic Portals


NAME: SCP-4142


APPEARANCE: The dust in the air around them seems to pick up gemstones, minerals, and rocks around them to form a translucent raptor-esque dinosaur figure.  They are quite long at around four meters from tip of nose to tail, though are only about three feet tall from toe to top of head.  They appear to be featherless in shape, though it can be hard to distinguish a true appearance.  Over time, they seem to twinkle with starlight as they absorb cosmic energies.  While they don't grow larger, their physiology as they absorb more energies seems to become reminiscent of a tyrannosaurus rex.


PERSONALITY:  SCP-4142 doesn't do well in solitude, often following their keeper around at all times.  They prefer to stay close, often within a matter of feet if they can.  They are easily distracted, but because they are sensitive to energy, if they stay back to look at something, they will make a quick return to you once you are starting to get further away.  So long as you don't tell them to stay somewhere they are unfamiliar with, they are rather well-behaved and will curl up to sleep until you return should you need them to not be around at any given time.

ABILITIES: SCP-4142 is able to store cosmic energies and create portals to that particular form of energy.  When they manage to create a new portal, they spawn a new egg that they store in a pocket realm that is similar to a giant raptor's nest.  Upon request, they can retrieve any egg and ingest it to catalyze its energies.  When you tell them to return to their regular energy, they will spawn another egg and store it in their pocket realm once more.


SPELL: When they are activated as a spell, they will turn into a fully-inanimate generator.  They will catalyze energies at a rapid rate, not only cleansing the area around you, but repurposing energies and releasing all of the stored cosmic energies they've been holding onto.  When deactivated, they will return to their original raptor form, falling into a dormant state until they have replenished their base level of cosmic energies with the next full moon (or cosmic event).


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Stargazing, Starfruit, Kiwi, Gem Chips, Night-Themed Incense, Galaxy Makeup




  • Secure. Contain. Protect.


    The SCP Foundation has been devoted to protecting humanity by locking away (and occasionally eliminating) the anomalies of the world.  There are many horrors in their vaults, as well as many wonders that can aid in your day to day life, or even your practice.


    Each Servitor is created as close to the original profile as possible.  However, in a Keter or Euclid class SCP, safeguards are placed on their personality and powers to keep them in check so that they cannot be of harm.  Not all of them have a listed form, at which point I will take creative liberty on their appearance and manifestations.


    You have the option to give your SCP a name in most cases, should you so desire.  If you don't, they will simple be referred to as their corresponding number.

  • SAFE

    The most controlled SCPs, be they objects that hold a sentience that cooperates with the SCP Foundation, or even animate creatures that obey the Foundation's commands for self-preservation.  They are the easiest to work with, and by far the kindest.



    Absolutely unpredictable, the Euclid class doesn't communicate with humanity.  It's unsure how they will react to stimuli, and there are many safety features in place to handle them and keep them contained.



    The most dangerous of the three classes, the Keter class refers to the active SCPs that can and will be a threat to humanity if released.  They are potent and are often the subject of trials to destroy them.