TYPE: Spelled Servitor
FUNCTION: Protector, Guardian


NAME: SCP-682 (Can Be Changed)
ENERGY TYPE: Dark-Black Cusp
ELEMENT: Earth, Fire


APPEARANCE: 682 looks like quite the interesting amalgamation of things. His base form is almost draconic with long, scaled legs tipped with claws at the end. He has a white skull for a head, with ribcage showing on his sides and some of the bones in his tail full exposed. He is a dull grey-blue in color with a thick, furry mane that coats his neck and wraps around his body while following the spine in a slightly darker tone. He is rather large most times, able to match the size of the average one-story house, though he can make himself smaller and normally manifests at the size of a horse.


PERSONALITY: He is violent and angry. Anything done to him, not only does he adapt to, but he gets payback for. He is indestructible and tends to be the victim of experimentation on how to kill him. He has a distinct hatred for humanity, but will not attack or lash out unless there is a proper cause. He is very snarky and blunt, sarcasm being his best attribute in his opinion. He doesn’t bond easily, but when he does, it is a bond for life and he will be extremely devoted to his keeper.


ABILITIES: He is a very potent revenge worker and protector. He is incredible when it comes to finding and tracking the energies of those that would attack you. He is also very capable of setting wards to prevent further hostile action. He spends much of his time adapting to new threats. This is another big aid that he can provide you, as adaptability is hard to work with at times and he will show you how to take everything with a grain of salt and keep moving.


SPELL: He doubles as a banishment spell to remove unwanted energies, beings, and sometimes people from your space. He will enter a rage state to accomplish this, so it’s best to handle only one thing at a time.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: Meat, Blood, Running, Nature Walks, Isolation, One-on-One Bonding If Possible, Car Rides, Naps




  • Secure. Contain. Protect.


    The SCP Foundation has been devoted to protecting humanity by locking away (and occasionally eliminating) the anomalies of the world.  There are many horrors in their vaults, as well as many wonders that can aid in your day to day life, or even your practice.


    Each Servitor is created as close to the original profile as possible.  However, in a Keter or Euclid class SCP, safeguards are placed on their personality and powers to keep them in check so that they cannot be of harm.  Not all of them have a listed form, at which point I will take creative liberty on their appearance and manifestations.


    You have the option to give your SCP a name in most cases, should you so desire.  If you don't, they will simple be referred to as their corresponding number.

  • SAFE

    The most controlled SCPs, be they objects that hold a sentience that cooperates with the SCP Foundation, or even animate creatures that obey the Foundation's commands for self-preservation.  They are the easiest to work with, and by far the kindest.



    Absolutely unpredictable, the Euclid class doesn't communicate with humanity.  It's unsure how they will react to stimuli, and there are many safety features in place to handle them and keep them contained.



    The most dangerous of the three classes, the Keter class refers to the active SCPs that can and will be a threat to humanity if released.  They are potent and are often the subject of trials to destroy them.