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Selkies are a very distinct type of shifter with a history of human interaction. When they come ashore, they often remove their seal skin, taking on the form of a human. They have been mentioned in lore in stories where a fisherman will steal and hide their seal skins, then marry the Selkie. And yet, no matter how long they have been on land, no matter what family they create, should they find their skin, they will return to the water.


Their connection to the sea is incredible, influencing nearly every aspect of their lives. They become temperamental during storms, pleasant in good weather, restless on a windy day, and often sedate in freezing temperatures. Overall, they are usually positive and easy-going. The closer they are to a body of water, the easier they are to communicate with. They often make great companions for starting keepers, or those looking to learn about water magick. They also harmonize well with water-aligned keepers.


These companions bring water-oriented magicks to life. They help the aspiring sea witch to learn the ebb and flow of the tides. They are also great in the art of association. Because of how the moon affects the tides, they can use the moon's energies to influence their own workings. Selkies tend to be empathetic and energy sensitive, working with energy and emotions as if they were waves crashing against the shore.


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