ALIGNMENT: Light-Grey Cusp
EXPERIENCE: Beginner Friendly
AGE: 871 (Young)
SONG RESONANCE: “Blue Lips” (Regina Spektor)
COMMUNICATION: Emotions, Tarot, Pendulum, Shufflemancy, Telepathy, Dreams

Selvaire is talented when it comes to space cleansing, especially if you have a lot of negative buildup in certain areas attached to emotional issues. He is also very adept at emotional healing and grounding. He understands trauma, and how to slowly break you through the barrier it creates. He helps break the spells of indecision that come with emotional scarring, and will be quick to aid you in gaining some momentum back.

Kind and perhaps a tad naive, Selvaire is benevolent and positive to the core. He helps to bring the silver lining to the forefront when he can, and otherwise is a wonderful friend to comfort you in spite of his relatively young age. He trusts almost everyone at least once, and will give everyone benefit of the doubt. He has expressed interest in making a difference where he can, whether it’s for his keeper or someone he passes on the street.

About the age appearance of a pre-teen, he is eternally soft in features, lending a more androgynous air about him. He has occasionally claimed to be female if it got him closer to someone that needed his help. He has pale skin with freckles along his jaw and neck. His hair is a dirty blonde color, falling into his blue eyes messily. He seems to prefer baggy clothing and casual outfits when possible.

Selvaire, Male Angelic Vampire



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