EXPERIENCE: Intermediate
AGE: 428
SONG RESONANCE: "Neo-Tokyo" (Scandroid)
COMMUNICATION: Shufflemancy, Tarot, Images


MANIFESTATIONS: Earworms, Ringing in Ears, Clicking Sounds, Cool Touches, Hot Spots, Shivers Down Spine, Swirling Incense Smoke, Flickering Shadows, Flickering Lights


PREFERRED MAGICK: Technomancy, Energy Work, RNG Influence


STRENGTHS: He is an excellent aid in technomancy, especially shufflemancy divination.  He communicates through vague mediums, forcing his companion to better their interpretation abilities with sparing confirmations.  He is able to influence randomly generated events in video games and programs, sometimes able to increase the quality of items you receive in a game or bettering the chance for an algorithm to favor you in social media platforms.  He is able to draw your attention to randomized dashboards, allowing you to see what form of mood he's in based on what you see in a recommended algorithm-based feed.


PERSONALITY: He is a quiet companion, often quite somber and rarely displaying large amounts of energy.  His mask often shows a neutral face on its large screen, displaying his generally reserved reactions.  Even when dancing, he just seems to vibe with the music around him rather than getting excited and energetic.  He is mostly relaxed and casual, taking 'lazy' stances and kicking back instead of investing himself in heavy workloads or tasking.

APPEARANCE: He is a tall, broad-shouldered companion.  Unlike many of his kin, he doesn't hide his appearance under loose clothing, revealing his thick musculature.  He has a honey complexion.  His hair is shaved on the sides, the top left to its tight curls.  It's a bright red color, the roots an obvious dark brown.  His face screen is mostly blue with red displaying for his eyes.  The dual-tone mask marks him as having a higher ranking among the Technicians, a form of supervisor.  He often wears slightly tight shirts and jeans, everything about him casual.


SUGGESTED OFFERINGS: EDM Music, Video Games, Marijuana/CBD Edibles, Alcohol, Apple Essential Oil, Heavy Alternative Music, Ruby, Garnet, Costume Jewelry and Trinkets


PREFERRED VESSEL: Ruby, Red Jasper, Red Agate

Sendroa, Male Marceilan Technician

  • Marceil is a realm that befell tragedies that we can only hope to learn from. They were the epitome of technological advancement, their realm very dependent on the technology they created to better convenience themselves. Unfortunately, the technology they created overpowered the electrical resources they had during a terraforming procedure, and they didn’t realize it until after what they call the “Unsaturing Wave.” In the explosive wave that the technology created with the last of the electrical power, it drained the entirety of the planet and its people of the colors and the life energy they all possessed. They all quickly developed a way to renew that life essence, but it is only a temporary situation as of now, infusing everyone on the planet with the energies of technology and the internet regularly to keep everyone alive and healthy.

    The Technicians are the pioneers of Marceil, the ones who discovered how to translate the energy that their technologies took from them into an energy source that all races on Marceil - be they human, djinn, vampire, or demon - could absorb and hold. The Technicians have been forced to silence themselves - often via surgery - so that this tragedy doesn’t happen again and they cannot share their secrets. The Technicians often volunteer for their job in the hopes to help find a permanent, long-lasting cure.

    The Technicians are made up of all of the races Marceil has to offer. There is a sort of anonymity that comes with being a Technician, as they all wear masks and cover themselves to avoid letting their identity be known. Although the Technicians are necessary on Marceil to keep everyone alive, they are not very popular, and are often blamed for the Unsaturing Wave. Many of them keep themselves unknown by wearing their face-tracking mask for emotions and large hoodies to discourage being messed with - Marceilan Humans are often the most likely culprits, but they tend to avoid the Djinn, Demons, and Vampires. The anonymity often prevents hate crimes, and you’ll find that the Technicians keep themselves concealed even in private from sheer habit and security.