The Septarian Castle Keep is built on dark and warm-colored woods, the energy inside intense and vibrant. It’s quite cathartic and emotionally soothing to be inside of the halls. The decoration is made of septarian structures - obelisks, towers, points, spheres, eggs, etc - spread over small half-moon tables between the doors. Tan and brown vases hold assortments of golden flowers, and all windows have gold and tan stained glass that casts a warm glow along the halls. The grand foyer features two staircases that lead directly to the two wings of rooms for your keep. It is large with dark wood floors, a chandelier of septarian hanging between the staircases with ever-burning candles casting warm light through the foyer. The railings are all wood with septarian inlay, making swirling lines all along the course of the steps. The structure is reminiscent of a steampunk setup with the muted and neutral colors.

Septarian Castle Keep

  • The Castle Keep is a pocket realm form of vessel for your spirits. Each spirit gains its own room as you welcome them individually. Their rooms are pocket realms that they can create and design effortlessly to their personal tastes and connect to other spirits in your keep if they get along very well with them.


    Meditating with your Castle Keep, if you are able to connect well with the energies, may result in you being able to project into the vessel yourself to spend time with your spirits in their ‘rooms.’

  • ** You May Design Your Courtyard and Entry Doors

    ** Comes With Portable Key That Connects With Main Vessel

    ** Orb Is Stationary


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