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Seraph Dragons are incredibly light in energy, very similar to the high-vibration Seraphim from which they take their name. They are light, airy sky dragons, and while they do not come from the Heaven Realms, they seem to have a connection through the veil to different realms. They fly through the skies, an uncanny ability to burst between realms as they traverse the clouds lending them a very unique affinity for astral travel.


They are large dragons, a distinct mix of the slim Eastern dragon with the sleek Western dragon in build. They have large, white feathered wings, six of them along their bodies. They are normally white in color with sky blue eyes, their scales glistening and shining in the sunlight.


As companions, Seraph Dragons are very good guardians. They offer the wisdom of their travels, in addition to being extremely connected to the astral and the veil. They aid in pushing you to travel from realm to realm to teach you lessons from different cultures and planes, also protecting you in these travels to help you go unnoticed during a learning experience.

Seraph Dragon

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